Difficult to choose a mattress?

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD December 06,2019

People no longer worry about basic life, they will pay more attention to health. Healthy sleep can become a topic, a good double foam mattress is that suitable for your body. A bed that is not suitable for you often makes people feel backache and lazy after waking up; on the contrary, it can make you full of energy the whole day.


It is combined with their own needs, double foam mattress function and quality, ect. We can not be generalized.


So what is suitable one, is it soft or hard? ventilation is the most important

The newborn's bones are very soft and spend 70% of the time in bed. For them, the breathability of the mattress is very important. If the hot and humid air has accumulated all the time, it is easy to have lice and eczema, which will affect the normal sleep of the child.

Double Foam Mattress

2.Office workers: comfort is reliable

If you just want to rest in bed after you are off work. , and choose a comfortable double foam mattress, it is more important to "charge" when you have a nice night sleep. The double foam mattress can be pressure relieve, accurately conforming to the contour of the body, while giving the body effective support.

Double Foam Mattress

3. student: neck protection is very important

Adolescents are at the stage of physical development, and their plasticity is large. In particular, it should be paid more attention to the protection of the spine during this period. For developing children, the spine has been not stable, and the hard double foam mattress helps to correct the spine and prevents the children hunchback (Note: It's not as hard as the bed. The suitable hard is better for them)

Double Foam Mattress

4, the elderly: too soft to be

Short sleep time and low quality are the troubles of many elderly people. In addition, the elderly are prone to suffer from loose bones, lumbar muscle strain, waist and leg pain, etc., so it is not suitable for sleeping in a soft bed. Generally speaking, the suitable bed should be to keep the physiological lordosis of the lumbar spine in the supine position, and the lumbar vertebrae are not bent, so the double foam mattress is with a certain hardness.


After a hard day's work, you should sleep on a comfortable double foam mattress, relax your body, rest well, and have a good night's sleep. After entangled in the choice of double foam mattress, you can consider different styles of mattresses in LEIZI factory, so that it is easier to choose the double foam mattress that is suitable for your market.