How is the rolled up foam mattress?

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD August 31,2021

Foam mattresses are chemical products, called polyurethane foams. It is you get what you pay in the market, don’t buy the roll up foam mattress which have a big smell. However, due to the characteristics of sponge foam, the anti-interference is still relatively strong.

foam mattress


Memory foam is a high-end product in a foam mattress, and the price is higher, but it is also a polyurethane foam. Memory foam changes its physical properties, making it slow-rebound. What is slow rebound? Pressing on the memory foam with your hand, it will leave a handprint that lasts for a few seconds when you release your hand.

Memory foam is one of the most fitting materials, giving the body a comfortable and comfortable touch.


The biggest disadvantage of memory foam mattress is unbreathable. Due to its very high quality, it is overheating during sleep. Moreover, the memory foam is very sensitive to temperature: it becomes soft when it is hot, which means that the hotter and the lower.

Now gel memory foam mattress is produced, the appearance is generally blue, the touch is more cool.

Foam mattress

A pure sponge mattress (the support layer and memory foam for the surface) is less durable, because whether it is a foam, it will easily collapse if it sleeps for a long time. Therefore, the memory foam is generally used as a layer on the compressed foam mattress, or as a comfort layer to fill the surface of the mattress to increase the fit.