Dreams is bad for health? You choose a good mattress or a bad mattress?

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD August 15,2019

Dreaming is a normal for adults. As the pressure on work and life, dreaming times is increasing. The process of dreaming is an unconscious physiological reaction. When I wake up in the morning, I don’t have much impression of dreams. Why we will dreaming? The good mattress and bad mattress?

good mattress

Studies have shown that during sleep, many external factors affect the quality of sleep, such as physical health and physical state during sleep, which will extend a different "dream":

Because of the uncomfortable sleeping position, when you sleep, you often feel that your back is not support, or when you get stuck in the mattress, you usually dream of carrying heavy loads or being drowned by the desert sands.

If you feel too cold or too hot when you sleep, you are likely to dream of being in a dark swamp or on the edge of a flame lava;

The air in the room is not circulating, you may dream that you are in a claustrophobic space, breathing poorly;
If the edge of the mattress is sag that mean the sleeper don't get close to the edge. The result og dream is to lie on the edge of the cliff, and when it turns over, it falls to the cliff;

When you are sleeping, you are blowing directly against the fan. You may dream of how you can't get out in the rain.


If you have dream for a long time or often have nightmares, you need to be vigilant. This may be a sign that your brain is damaged and your body is sick.

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After experimentation, there are indications that the creation of dreams is related to human senses, thoughts, desires, imaginations and memories. Most of the things is the subjects that they are care about, such as exams, love, and so on. In addition, if his gums are swollen, he will dream that his teeth will fall off one by one; if he has a sense of urine, then he will dream of finding a toilet everywhere and be anxious.


This is because the brain is in a state of inhibition after a person falls asleep, and is generally not aware of external stimuli such as a slight sound and weaker skin exposure. If you fall asleep or just sleep at this time, external stimuli will affect the brain, and part of the cerebral cortex will be excited and people will dream.


In fact, dreaming is a very normal thing. Dreams are the result of balancing the various functions of the body in the brain's regulating center. Dreams are the brain's healthy development and the need to maintain thinking. Sleeping in a comfortable sleep environment, quality sleeping bedding, can help to ensure good sleep quality, choose a good mattress first.


Since everyone knows the impact of dreaming on the quality of sleep, then we should seek to avoid disadvantages, adjust our mentality, and actively face each day of life, work or study, so that comfortable sleep can accompany us through every night.

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