The different phase in life, the choice of king bed mattress is different

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD August 15,2019

I woke up with a sore body and seemed to have a nap on my sleep. No matter how early I went to sleep the night before, the next day still had panda eyes. I believe that there are many of you know this!

Many people choose the King Bed Mattress without any requirements, but they don't know if they choose the improper mattress, it affects the quality of our sleep. In fact, people of different ages have different choices for King Bed Mattress, due to different stages of physical development and living habits.

king bed mattress

1. What is the Mattress for elderly man​?

It is a big confused that many elder people sleep shorter and worst. Besides, as the growth of the age, old people be more easily to have osteoporosis, waist and leg ache, so they are not suitable for soft bed, we suggest to choose a hard mattess, for example coconut palm, which can improve backache.


This king bed mattress is made of pocket spring, 360°all-round ridge support, breathable and comfortable fabric also completely block the moisture. Natural and environmental, and the perfect combination of soft sponge, it is good for our spine. The corner design of king bed mattress is safe, also reduced bump against, let family sleep more at ease.

king bed mattress

2.What kind of mattress is for adults?

Most adults are working, they have a lot of pressure and stay up late. Comfort is important when you buy a king bed mattress.


In addition, because many office workers always use computer or mobile phone, and keep a posture for a long time, the shoulder and cervical vertebra will have some trouble, so pay more attention to the protection of the spine when you buy a king bed mattress.


This king bed mattress is made of pocket spring with memory foam, which provide individualized back support, ease of movement and pressure point relief. The fabrics is with the quilting process, combined with the delicate pattern, make the mattress having a good value! so that you can enjoy a good night's sleep.

king bed mattress

3.What kind of mattress is good for teenagers?

Most of the teenagers are student. They are in the stage of physical development. The plasticity of the body is relatively large. If the king bed mattress is not selected correctly, it may cause the children to hunchback. Pay attention to the protection of the cervical vertebra during this period, so too soft or too hard mattress will affect the back spine.


The mattress with skin-friendly knitted fabric is soft and comfortable, and protects every inch of the child's skin. The fabric is also printed with animal patterns, which adds a lot of cute vitality. Natural 14mm coconut fiber, not only protect the spine, but also anti-allergic, so that children grow up healthily.

king bed mattress

Through the text, everyone has a deep understanding of the sleeping mattress for teenagers, adults and the elderly. You will have a purpose and reference when buy king bed mattress in mall, and everyone finds a king bed mattress which is suit for them. A good night sleep with you every night.

king bed mattress