2019 Milan Mainstream Furniture-Natural mattress

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD August 15,2019

Modern minimalist style is still the mainstream


The modern minimalist style is one of the most popular styles of decoration–simple and stylish, especially in line with the hobby of young people. However, it does not represent simple stacking and flat placement, but simplifies the design elements, colors, and home decoration, including Natural mattress. It is characterized by lines and color blocks to distinguish embellishment, all these are integrated into the furniture design, and give a reflecting a peaceful lifestyle.



In the bustling city on the dust, people seem more eager to get close to nature and return to a peaceful life. The modern minimalist style furniture- bed, natural mattress, sofa, office chair use a variety of lines and natural and elegant materials to create a quiet and comfortable experience and enjoyment.


The meaning of minimalism is not only simple, but also a kind of comfort,. All the furniture, for example Natural mattress, without too many lines, every arc is ingenious, in order to bring a spacious home space, and enjoyment of body and mind.
Natural mattress

More flexible color usage


In the interior decoration, the color is known as the soul of the designer. The color is the most agile and active factor in the interior design. It is the most intuitive expression of the design concept and the lifestyle and emotion of the house owner.


Combination of color and art, whcih is made the room look more artistic


Design is biased towards practicality and humanity

In this year's Milan exhibition, the design reflects more practical, more in line with the requirements of the home, on the basis of adding different decoration styles.

The more obvious point is that the rationality of the structural design, such as the push-pull of the hardware, etc., the structure of the product is very excellent, but the surface is almost invisible.

Natural mattress

Natural mattress