History of PLUSH king size bed mattress

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD November 15,2019

Whenever I was hiding in the bed, I sigh the great invention of the Plush mattress, which not only warmed in winter, but also saved our body on the bed during the weekend. Today, we write a brief history of mattresses and share with you. 



In a distant primitive society, our ancestors, live a simple life of hunting. Take the heavens as the quilt and the land as the seat. Sleeping is so simple.

Plush Mattress


In the Neolithic Age, our ancestors suddenly realized that rest and sleep should be a little different. So humans had the concept of bedding-wood, stone. It became the earliest plush mattress. 

Plush Mattress


Since then, in the long historical period, people have spent a lot of thoughts on the matter of sleeping well. Different countries, regions, ethnic groups, and cultural choices include cheap materials such as cotton, peas, straw, and feathers, as well as luxury cushions such as gold, silver, jade, and velvet. What impressed us the most was the pea princess mattress by Andersen.

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This phenomenon lasted for a long time. Until 1900, a man named Zarmon Simmons,

Changed history. For the first time, he invented the spring, which improved people's sleep.

Plush Mattress


Since then,

The development and evolution of plush mattresses is fast.

In 1929, the British Danlox invented foam.

In 1931, the world's first latex plush mattress was born in the UK.

In 1932, the Italians combined the spring with the polyester foam and the hardness was freely adjusted.

In 1991, the world's first commercial memory foam mattress was born.

There is also a palm mattress that dates back to the Song Dynasty.

And in 1970, it was listed as a designated medical mattress by the World Medical Organization and has been continuously improved.



In 2001, time went to the new century,

International Mental Health and Psychiatric Fund,

Jointly established the “Global Health Sleep Program”,

At the same time, the creation of 3.21 World Sleep Day was proposed.

That is an epoch-making day, which definition of healthy science sleep, began to be put on the agenda.



Since then, the history of plush mattress development has entered the 21st century.

A variety of advanced plush mattresses came into being. Aerospace memory foam mattress, anti-interference ultra-quiet independent pocket spring plush mattress, anti-bacterial and anti-mite functional plush mattress.

Mattress products began to achieve quality flying, and people began to pay more attention to healthy functional plush mattresses.

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On August 8, 2004, Sanyou Furniture was established.

After that, Ximei Furniture, and the current LEIZI Furniture.

It has been around for 16 years. Our customers are located in 58 countries and regions around the world.More than 500,000 plush mattresses were produced by LEIZI.

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