Why should the queen size bed mattress fit the body curve?

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD November 15,2019

Why should the mattress fit the body curve?


A mattress is one-third of the time in life, so choosing a good queen size bed mattress will make you more comfortable.

But many people don't know how to choose a queen size bed mattress. And many people are fooled and misled, there are many people said hard and soft queen size bed mattress is not good for health.

In fact, everyone knows that the human body has a curve. there is dangling when you sleep on a flat hard board, picture in the following.

Queen Size Bed Mattress


Sleeping on a soft queen size bed mattress that is like sleep in a depression, there is a bend between the hard mattress and soft mattress. Medium mattress is half-sag and semi-sag, which are not good.

In fact, soft and hard is not a problem, it can be fit to the body curve, and when people turn over, they must be able to dynamically adapt to changes in the body curve. Only water in nature can do this. Therefore, LEIZI is using German springs to the imitate dynamic fit of the body curve. It is as comfortable as lying on the water.


Why is it more comfortable to fit the body curve?

That's because the body curve is fitter, it will provide more comprehensive support. The larger the area of contact, the less pressure per unit area (the less the pressure on the skin). The less the pressure, the better for blood circulation. The fewer times people need to turn over.

If you pay attention to the observation, you will find out that people often turn over when they sleep, and often have different posture when they sleep at night.

Why are you turning over?

It should be necessary for the skin blood to circulate. When it is oppressed, the blood is not flowing smoothly, so the brain will send a signal to turn over and change position. It is often numb first. If there is no reaction, it will be painful until you flip the body to relieve partial pressure.

Comparison of LEIZI Mattress and other mattresses:

Bed type Average turnaround time interval (minutes) Average number of turns per night
Hard bed: wooden bed, brown bed 10-15 48-32 times
Traditional soft mattress 5-10 96-48 times
Hard Simmons in the market


48-24 times

Other soft mattress in the market 30-40 16-12 times
LEIZI MATTRESS 60-70 8-6.8 times


Through the comparison of the above data, it can be seen that LEIZI Mattress has the least interference to people's sleep turning and can greatly improve the quality of sleep.


LEIZI queen size bed mattresses, compared to the mattress on the market, reduce interference by 3 to 4 times in terms of reducing the number of avatars.

Think about it, if you turn over every 20 minutes on average, you have to turn over twenty times a night. When you turn over, the sensitive person wakes up! Although the insensitive person does not know that he has turned over, the brain is also disturbed.


LEIZI Mattress can do a good fit for the body curve, balanced support of the body, so that you turn over a time in each hour, greatly reducing the number of turns, reducing the interference to deep sleep, turn over six to seven times a night.


In addition, the fitting body curve can be made that the spine is in a normal relaxed and undistorted, which can relax the muscles well and protect the spine.


So the queen size bed mattress is fit body curve, it is really important.