When you have to change your foam bed mattress?

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD December 06,2019

The National Sleep Foundation did survey and found that:

A comfortable queen size foam mattress is the most direct, quickest and most effective way to improve sleep quality. More research has shown that uncomfortable beds can rob one hour of sleep at night.

How often does the queen size foam mattress change?

▲ For this question, the International Sleep Foundation give us an answer which is 7 years!

▲ As with food, paying attention to the best taste period, the life of the queen size foam mattress is not equal to the best use period.

▲ Most of people is care about how long it takes to sleep, but it is the most important that how long the queen size foam mattress can provide the best sleep time.


What is the reason for changing the queen size foam mattress regularly?

1. The support of the old mattress is reduced, which affects the health of the human spine.

According to reports, more spring queen size foam mattresses are used now. If the spring loses its elasticity, the support will be affected.

I. If you continue to use it, it is not conducive to maintain the normal physiological curvature of the human spine.

II. If people sleep on queen size foam mattresses that lose elasticity, deformation or support, they will easily deform the human spine and cause diseases such as spine protrusion.

2. the old queen size foam mattress is easy to breed bacteria and mites.

I. According to reports, a survey commissioned by the British Bedding Company showed that up to several kilograms of dead skin on the queen size foam mattress after eight years of use, "nurturing" more than 10 million dust mites;

In addition, it is also a hot bed of bacteria and mold, which not only has fungi that can cause cough, aggravation and asthma symptoms.

II. It is also possible to survive E.coli that causes diarrhea, and even the pathogenic Staphylococcus aureus.

III. Molds and bacteria accumulate on queen size foam mattresses year after year. Although it is invisible to the naked eye, you will inhale harmful spores when you fall asleep at night.

foam bed mattress

The quality of the queen size foam mattress directly affects our health. Do you always feel unwell, backache, and sleepy in the morning? This is the signal from the body that conveys "the problem with your mattress".

1. Back pain when getting up in the morning

After a night of rest and rest, still feels uncomfortable in the morning, often with backache and weakness, it is time to check the queen size foam mattress.


2. Sleeping in the middle of the night is easy to wake up

I always wake up at two or three times in the middle of the night, then go to sleep more slowly, it is easy to dream, the quality of sleep is quite poor; I have been sleeping well and it is a headache,  many doctors can't solve the problem.


3. You can hear the obvious buzzing with a little movement.

I usually hear the buzzing of the bed when I turn over a little while sleeping, and the quiet night is particularly harsh. This sound is damaged by the spring, and the structure are destroyed, which is resulting in the inability to support the weight of the body.


4. The skin does not consciously itching

If you are troubled by inexplicable small yellow bubbles, itching, and autumn measles, it may be that you bought a bad quality foam bed mattresses. Bad quality queen size foam mattresses are usually not treated with mites, and aphids, it will be accumulated mites over the years, which is easily cause skin irritation, acne and other skin diseases.

foam bed mattress