Different body types, have different choice of mattresses

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD December 06,2019

If a person's height is more than two meters, then this person lives in a star hotel, it is not suitable to sleep on the king bed mattress. After all, the king bed mattress length of many rooms is two meters, his height is not suitable for sleeping on a shorter mattress. Therefore, it is more appropriate to apply another king bed mattress suitable for his height. When we are on a business trip, do we need to choose the right king bed mattress according to our body size?

king bed mattress

1. Different body types,different mattress.

A lighter weight people sleep on soft king bed mattress which the shoulders and hips slightly fall into the king bed mattress and the waist have a good support. The heavy weight people is suitable for sleeping on a hard king bed mattress. Each part of body will get a good support, especially the neck and waist.


How does people choose a king bed mattress?

Due to different habits, some people like to sleep on a soft bed, and some people like to sleep on a hard bed. It is not only choosing king bed mattress design, but the important thing is to sleep comfortable. The king bed mattress is closely related to the lumbar spine. The normal lumbar vertebrae is convex curvature. If the king bed mattress can't fit with the lumbar vertebrae, it will change the Lumbar curve. Therefore, everyone should choose the right king bed mattress according to their own body.


2. The size of the mattress should be based on the user.

If two people sleep together, it is best to choose a wider king bed mattress. Some couples have very different weights or sleep very lightly. Then people have more space to turn over, and don’t disturb your partner.


3. The length of the king bed mattress should be based on the height: the length should be added at least 20cm in height which for the space of pillow. On the other hand, It is avoided that the body is distorted due to the shortness of the mattress.

king bed mattress

The above is how do the different size of people to choose the right king bed mattress for them. Hope you can find a king bed mattress that is suitable your body shape, so that you can have a good night sleep.