What is the better spring foam mattress brands to buy

Published by FOSHAN LEIZI FURNITURE CO., LTD August 15,2019

For the mattress, different people have different idea. Let's first come to the basics of science, no matter how complicated the classification of the mattress and the market division, in view of the huge market share of the Spring Foam Mattress, I simply and rudely divided the mattress into two large blocks: spring mattress and non-spring mattress

spring foam mattress

Spring Foam Mattress

The spring mattress is composed of a surface layer, a comfortable filling layer and a supporting layer.


Surface layer

In fact, it is the cloth layer. Because it is a cloth layer, which is merchants do more gimmicks, such as soy fiber, negative ion fabrics, aviation clothing fabrics, can be beautiful, can be Anti mite. It is not really a core technology of the spring foam mattress. Referring to the logic of choosing the bedding, many people choose a clean, comfortable and safe fabric layer.

Spring Foam Mattress

Comfort layer

The purpose of the filling material in the spring mattress is to increase the comfort and softness of the spring foam mattress.

There are many options for filling materials, and the filling layer materials are as follows:

spring foam mattress


Sponge is one of the most traditional mattress materials. The biggest advantage is that it is light and cheap, but the breathability is poor. The slightly better spring mattresses are mostly combined with the latex layer and the memory foam layer. Simple sponge pad, the amount is not likely to be a good mattress, because the weakness is too obvious: in addition to being too soft, the breathability is not very good, sleeping makes people feel very hot and dry, and because of its pore structure It has strong water absorption and is easy to get rid of bacteria. So there are very few pure sponges in good mattresses.

spring foam mattress

Memory Foam

Memory foam is actually a kind of sponge, and it is often called slow rebound sponge. However, it is very expensive to add a lot of other special materials based on the production of ordinary sponge, so it is necessary to distinguish it from ordinary sponge. The material has special viscoelastic properties, exhibits very soft material properties, and has strong impact energy absorption and optimum pressure relief. This material molecule is very sensitive to temperature, so it is also called warm memory foam. This material was originally developed by NASA to alleviate the pressure on astronauts during take-off and landing. It is used on the mattress to naturally fit the body curve, allowing the body to rest in a natural, stress-free state.


The quality of memory foam products on the market varies greatly, and it is said that there are several kinds of raw materials that must be made of materials from American or Japanese companies. Therefore, the cost is very high. Generally, ordinary small factories cannot afford them, so alternative materials are often used. So if choose the memory foam mattress, the credibility of the LEIZI brand may be safe.



Latex is one of the most popular spring foam mattress materials in the world. Latex mattresses are a good choice regardless of softness, elasticity, breathability, Antibacterial anti mite.


As can be seen from the figure, the surface of the latex is covered with small holes, which is a natural result of the latex manufacturing process. The natural latex itself exudes a light creamy scent and is anti-mite and antibacterial. Before the latex is solidified, air and vulcanization treatment are appropriately added to form a foamed shape. The holes are filled with air, so the elasticity is excellent, and the pressure of each part can be dispersed to dissipate excess heat and moisture.


Latex mattress materials are divided into natural latex and synthetic latex. Natural latex comes from rubber trees with a certain age, and synthetic latex comes from petroleum. The former is more environmentally friendly and expensive, while the latter is slightly more durable and relatively cheaper. The quality of the latex material is not the thickness of the latex pad, but the purity of the latex and the foaming process of the latex. If the process of pure physical foaming is much better than adding chemical additives, it can be said that green environmental protection .


Natural latex is very delicate. Do not wash, do not expose to the sun. Even if properly protected, it is normal to oxidize after three or five years. It is impossible to sleep on a latex mattress for ten years. In addition, about 8% of people are allergic to latex rubber. Older people and teenagers who need a hard mattress are also not suitable for latex mattresses. The softness of latex mattresses is so high that they are often rejected by Chinese orthopaedic surgeons. The effect is that such a soft bed, and the waist is not sick and sleeps.

spring foam mattress

Support Layer

This is a traditional bonnell spring foam mattress. This spring structure has a higher hardness but is less elastic. It is as if a flat plate is placed under the body, and the shoulders and hips are concentrated, but the lumbar support is insufficient, resulting in a non-physiological depression, which cannot achieve the effect of relaxing the waist muscles. Another drawback is that it is easy to dent and deform. If you sleep in a fixed position for a long time and do not regularly flip the mattress, the position of long-term stress is easily elastic and fatigued. There are also several different spring connection methods in the whole net mattress, but basically there is not much difference in the overall advantages and disadvantages.

spring foam mattress

After pressing each of the independent springs, they are loaded into a fiber bag or a cotton bag, and then joined together in a specific arrangement.

In such a spring structure, each spring body is individually telescoped and independently operated. On the one hand, the pressure exerted on the mattress by different parts of the body when lying down is different. For the corresponding partitions of the bed net, springs with different calibers and hardnesses can be used to provide accurate partition support. The so-called three-zone, five-zone, seven-zone and even nine-zone mattresses rely on independent pocket spring technology.

spring foam mattress

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spring foam mattress