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Basic categories of pillows Jul 11, 2017

The assortment of pillows is also varied, the ancients used to distinguish pillows as winter pillow, summer pillow or soft pillow, hard pillow, this classification is very consistent with the regimen, summer like to use a cool pillow, winter to pursue a warm pillow, some people like a hard pillow, and some people like a softer pillow.

Modern people according to the different functions of pillows are divided into the first pillow, waist pillow, pillow, ear pillow and so on. And from the pillow Material classification on more: Jade, magnet and other stone pillow; cassia seed, silkworm sand, chrysanthemum and other traditional Chinese medicine pillow, cotton, cashmere and various types of chemical fiber pillow soft pillow, as well as water pillow, air pillow, tea pillow pillow, suitable for the pillow world, currently includes 12 categories, more than 50 kinds of functions. These pillows are in different times, with different characteristics are loved by people, the performance of its practicality also has its advantages and disadvantages.