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Mattress Maintenance Errors Jul 11, 2017

The mattress does not change all year round

Generally, the effective service life of spring mattress is about 10 years. In other words, after 10 years of mattress due to the long-term pressure on the spring, so that the elasticity has a certain change, resulting in the body and the bed of the degree of the gap has appeared, so that the human spine can not be the most effective support in the bending state. So even if there is no local damage, the new mattress should be replaced in time.

The more springs, the better.

There are many determinants of the mattress, and the number of springs can only explain a problem, that is, the spring tolerance is stronger, and the supporting force plays a key role is not the number of springs but spring material pressure and spring recovery, the choice of the mattress when the size of the endurance needs to be carried out according to their needs.

How to clean the mattress

Mattresses are usually made up of foam materials, springs and coats; some old mattresses are fluff mattresses, and the futon mattresses are filled with lint. All kinds of mattresses can benefit from daily maintenance. Flip and reverse the mattress every month to make sure it wears evenly.

On the mattress to cover with cotton or coated with rubber bedspread, in case of dirty. Remove stains or stains in time, but do not make the mattress too wet when cleaning. When the mattress is completely dry, then the bed.