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Mattress size is one of the most important factors in achieving a better night's sleep. Your mattress should be both longer and wider than you to ensure maximum comfort. Mattresses come in a variety of sizes from twin to California king. This chart will help you determine which size is perfect for your needs and budget. We also have broken down each size to recommend what ages and situations each mattress is best suited for.

Twin ( 39" x 75")

Twin mattresses are usually used for a child's first real bed after the crib. They are made to accommodate one child or one adult sleeper. If you need to lay with your child, two people will fit but it will be crowded. Twin mattresses are also a great option for small guest spaces, bunk beds or day beds.

Twin XL ( 39" x 80")

Twin Extra-Long mattresses are also made to sleep one person but are 5 inches longer than a regular twin and perfect for taller children or young adults. These mattresses are actually the same length as a queen and king. These are perfect for a child's bedroom or guest rooms that include two beds.

Full ( 54" x 75")

Full mattresses are also known as "double" or "standard". In the past when bedrooms were built smaller, full beds were used to sleep two adults. Today, traditionally it is used for a single person or used in guest rooms. Two people can fit on a full but the fit is tight.

Queen ( 60" x 80")

The Queen sized mattress is the most popular size sold today. It is perfect for two adults to share or a single person who likes to spread out. It can be used for most any situation and fits in most sized bedrooms.

King (76" x 80")

King mattresses are the same length as a queen but are much wider. It offers the most room for couples and is perfect if you have pets or kids who like to share your bed.

California King ( 72" x 84")

The California King is perfect for very tall people. A little narrower than a king, it is still wider than a queen and the longest mattress size available.

Before buying a mattress, make sure you know the dimensions of the room you're furnishing. Our mattress experts are here to help you make the right decision on the perfect mattress for your home.