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Pocket Spring Gel Visco Foam Mattress

Pocket spring gel visco foam mattress This pocket spring gel visco foam mattress that will give you a soothing sleep night after night. The integrated visco gel foam infuses cool micro gel elements into the memory foam individualising contouring, which provides a cooler sleeping surface. It is...


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Pocket spring gel visco foam mattress

This pocket spring gel visco foam mattress that will give you a soothing sleep night after night. The integrated visco gel foam infuses cool micro gel elements into the memory foam individualising contouring, which provides a cooler sleeping surface. It is quality constructed with features that provide maximum support and comfort offering a luxurious and undisturbed sleep all night long.

Item NO.





40 KG for King




Medium Soft

General Use

Home Furniture





Quilting Layer

Soft Knitted Fabric

Cushion Layer

Convoluted foam


6 turns pocket coil

Fire Resistance

Normally BS7177 and CFR1633 (custom-made by clients)

Age Group

Perfect during for men and woman, young or old, and pregnant.


This item available for all size, other customized size can according to customers request, for example:

Single,Twin:39*75 inch

Doubel, Full:54*75inch

Queen: 60*80inch

King: 76*80inch

California king: 72*84inch

Package Detail

Compressed vacuum roll package, using high quality poly bag and carton

Delivery Time

Sample 3-5 days, 7-15 days for 20GP,15-25 days for 40HQ up to mattress design

Payment Item

30% deposit, 70% balance before shipping (can be discuss)


1. Design to help solve 4 common sleep problems: lossing and turning, back support and alignment,partner movement and sagging.

2. cool gel which keeps you cool at night and still gives you the support you will need night after night.

3. Diffuses the body's pressure points for a more relaxed night's sleep.

4.Ideal for all physiques and all sleeping positions.

spa sensations memory foam mattress.jpg


* Comfortable tight top

* High density 50D cool gel-infused memory foam

* Dissipates body heat providing a cooler sleeping surface

* Gel-infused memory (won't become stiff in winter)

* Eliminates motion disturbance from partner

* Memory foam regulates odours and moisture by allowing air to flow through

* Tempered steel pocket springs

* 6 turn coil system

* Deluxe 350g/m2 knitted fabric

* Reinforced edge support for extra strength & durability

* Hypo-allergenic material

* No turn technology (no need to turn mattress)

* Provides support for all sleeping positions & relieves pressure points

* Side handles for positioning

* Firmness 6 / Medium

*Quick And Easy Transport(vacuum packed and rolled for quick and easy transport.Mattress requires up to 24 hours to fully expand once opened)

When gel memory foam is used as a comfort layer on pocket springs it is exceptionally comfortable and more importantly, far durable than a mattress with a polyester comfort layer. It does not really make a bit of difference about density as long as the mattress is comfortable. The price will/should always reflect the quality of the foam anyway. The heat properties associated with gel memory foam on foam mattresses is not as great (but is there) when used on any sprung mattress as there is plenty of natural ventilation through the springs.

gel mattress.jpg

Advantages of a Mattress Factory

Cut out the middle man with Leizi directly

The smart way to purchase the great new mattresses

On television, the radio, billboards, and the internet, major mattress suppliers try to convince you that they are the best and only place to find your cooperation. That’s ironic because in many ways they are the very worst place to find a mattress. These suppliers are quite simply middlemen – buying products from mattress makers and then selling them at a markup to you without offering any extra value.

Why not cut out these middlemen, get a better mattress, and have a superior experience overall? That’s what you get when you work with a factory direct mattress retailer instead. Discover for yourself what a welcome alternative this option is to the traditional mattress buying process:

Work Directly with the Mattress Maker

In the last two decades mattress have gotten a lot better, and a lot more complicated. Having more options to choose from is a great thing, but it also makes it difficult to find the very best option for your sleep needs. Would you rather work with someone who has never made a mattress, never seen a mattress made, and only received a list of talking points? Or would you rather work with a sleep expert who is also a mattress maker? When you choose a factory direct mattress, you get to access the expertise of the craftsman himself.

Get a Better Price Without Hassle

As we noted earlier, most mattress retailers do nothing but drive the price of the mattress up. The only way they have to support their business is to purchase mattresses at wholesale prices, tack on a huge price increase, and then pass that cost along to you. A factory direct mattress maker, by contrast, makes and sells the mattresses themselves. That means the price you pay is a lot closer to the actual cost of the mattress. They cut out the middleman and pass the savings along to you.

Support a Local Business

Major mattress retailers and manufacturers are global corporations that have no real stake in the communities they serve and no real reason to go above and beyond for each customer. Their interest is in making the most sales, not in helping you get the best sleep possible. When you work with a factory direct mattress company you work with a team that is based in your own community, made up of your friends and neighbors, and personally invested in helping you rest better. You know you’re getting the kind of personalized, committed service you really want when you purchase something as important as a mattress.

pillow top mattress.jpg

Q: How much the freight ship to ** ?

A: - Kindly let me know the destination port,we will tell you the details price.

Q; How to Package the mattress ?

A: - Compress then roll up in carton or non-woven bag,save a space, convenient and retail.

- Compress with pvc bag, then fixed by the wooden pallet.

- Packed in vacuum bag,then use kraft bag directly ,usually for coconut fiber mattress.

- According to your requirement.

Q: Where is the loading port ?

A: - Our factory in Foshan Guangdong,so usually the loading port in Shenzhen,Guangzhou.

Q will compressing a mattress for shipping purposes damage the cellular structure of the foam?

A Memory Foam is highly resilient with quick rebounding characteristics. Think about how a cleaning sponge reacts when compressed by squeezing it with your hand. It readily returns to its full original shape upon release of the compression. High resiliency Memory Foam that we use in our mattresses reacts in the same way. It is much more efficient to compact wrap and ship a Memory Foam mattress in this fashion, as well as for ease of handling once it is received. When the mattress is released from the compacted wrap and box it was originally placed in, it will come to full created size within a relatively short period of time.

Q: Is my mattress returnable in case I don't like it?

We do offer a Comfort Guarantee. Customer can exchange a mattress after purchase if you are not satisfied with the comfort. We ask that you keep the mattress in the plastic packaging.

Wholesalers are required to check samples at your site, if unqualified mattresses occurred in your order, we will patch them or send you new mattresses next order.

Consumer will be required to pay for all costs incurred in returning the mattress to our factory or our store in your country; we also charge a $100 restock fee.

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