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Memory Foam Double Bed Mattress

Memory Foam Double Bed Mattress

The mattress is highly recommended for the best feeling and perfect sleep.Diamond style top helps keep you cool by drawing body heat away from the sleeping surface and allows the flow of the air.This mattress has fire resistant barrier that meets flammability standards and helps keep your family safe.This Mattress comes compressed and rolled for easy shipping and setup with 10-year warranty.


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Memory Foam Double Bed Mattress

This 9-inch mattress is designed to help solve five common sleep problems: tossing

and turning, back support and alignment, balanced sleep temperature, partner

movement, sagging.



Product Name

Memory Foam Double Bed Mattress


Premium memory

Main Material

1.Quilting layer: High grade knitted fabric

2.Cushion layer: gel memory foam

3.Cushion layer: Covoluted foam

Fire Resistance

Normally BS7117 and CFR1633(based on your market)


Compressed vacuum/roll, using high quality poly bag and carton


Twin, Full,Queen, King,customized





Age group




Benefits of Memory Foam Double Bed Mattress


1.Memory Foam Double Bed Mattress can support each part of the body evenly and individually. Memory foam slowly and automatically adjusts to your body weight and temperature. In addition to the slow, conforming response, memory

foam offers complete, luxurious and stress free support.

2.Memory Foam Double Bed Mattress can allow the spine to stay in a neutral position. Should you move during the night, your partner is never disturbed due to the lack of reciprocal movement between sleeping partners. Additionally, when you do move in bed, memory foam gently "fills in" and reshapes itself to your new sleeping posture, cradling every part of your body.

3. This next generation of memory foam is more porous or open than conventional foam meaning the cells are interconnected unlike closed cell foam; thereby is more breathable and comfortable than higher density visco elastic foam. The open-celled physical structure of our foams is self-ventilating. Air is able to travel throughout the material and actually dissipate body heat regulating your body temperature.

4.Memory foam is naturally antimicrobial and resistant to allergens, mold, bacteria and dust mites.



- Visco elastic memory foam

- Firmness: Medium

- High density quality foam

- Cool gel technology

- Relieves pressure points

- Alleviates aches and pains

- Improves circulation

- Highly breathable

- Resistant to mould, bacteria & dust mites

- Hypo-Allergenic

Why choose a Sleepwell mattress? 

  • Premium mattress: at an affordable price. Choosing the mattress benefit from comfort, durability,

  • coolness and the right level of the bounce.

  • Cover: The mattress is covered by knitting fabric which is fine-mesh weave and breathable.

  • It helps regulate the sleep surface temperature as needed throughout the night and is also


  • New generation mattress: The top layer combines the advantages of bouncier materials

    like pocket springs with the comfort and support of conventional foam. High point elasticity

    helps to redistribute pressure across the body which helps to relieve joints. The unique

    combination means the mattress senses your body's weight and motion and to respond with

    your body needs. Your body don’t sink in as much as with other mattresses, and the surface

    is more responsive providing bounce.

  • Breathable cooling layer: 6cm of cooling foam made from open-pore technology.

    This layer is more breathable than conventional memory foam, helping to cool your

    body and regulate temperature.


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