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Natural Latex Mattress Jul 11, 2017

The natural latex mattress is the rubber tree juice collected from the rubber trees, through exquisite technical technology to combine modern high-tech equipment and a variety of patented technology to carry out mold, foam, gel, vulcanization, washing, drying, molding and packaging processes to produce a variety of excellent performance for the human body quality and healthy sleep of modern green bedroom supplies.

The natural latex mattress mainly has the whole area, three partitions, five partitions, seven division. Zoning means that according to the body at the time of sleep when the gravity of the design of mattresses, through different areas of soft hardness to better supporting and protect the body, to achieve quality sleep effect. Partitioning is not the more the better, but your sleep habits decide. In theory, 3 districts are more suitable for people who are accustomed to sleeping, while 5 are more suitable for those who are used to sleeping. Because of the side of sleep, the body curve more, need more different elastic support. But in practical terms, the difference is not very big.

The latex of natural latex mattress is taken from the sap of Hevea brasiliensis, which is extremely precious, because every rubber tree can produce only 30cc latex juice every day. A latex product takes at least one days to one and a half days to complete the production, and is a very time-consuming and precious material product. Latex mattresses made from latex have high elasticity, which can meet the needs of different weight groups, and their good support ability can adapt to sleep sleepers ' sleeping positions. Latex Mattress contact with the human body area than the common mattress contact with a lot of human body area, can spread the weight of the body evenly, with the correction of poor sleeping position function, more bactericidal effect. Another major feature of latex mattresses is noise-free, vibration-free, and effective in improving sleep quality.