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See Why It’s Important To Check Mattress Reviews Dec 08, 2017

With so many research options available to consumers these days, are you checking mattress reviews before you buy? This step can help make the difference between a positive shopping experience and a nightmare. While some reviews will be biased and others subjective, it is important to find out what other people with problems similar to your own have experienced with their new mattress. Taking time to research different types of mattresses and brands will help consumers find not only the best value for their money, but also the best type of construction and support for their needs. Save stress, time and money by checking reviews when shopping for a new mattress.


Where Do You Find Honest Mattress Reviews?


Honest mattress reviews may be found in numerous places online. Bear in mind that most people dont bother leaving reviews when they are averagely satisfied with their mattress. However, people who are dissatisfied, particularly when they are not receiving adequate customer support, tend to be very vocal about their disregard for a product.


Manufacturer & Retailer Websites

Shoppers should look at the manufacturers website to compare reviews for various lines of similar mattresses. Independent verification is important in assessing legitimacy, as it means you will be reading the concerns and accolades from real consumers. Mattress reviews can be very difficult to discern as many of the concerns are subjective, like firmness and price. This is why you may find people with extremely opposing viewpoints on the exact same product. It is important to note if many people are commenting on whether the mattress is sagging after only a few months or other durability or warranty issues. These may be indicative of poor construction.


Third Party Opinion Websites

Check 3rd party product review sites, which often summarize the opinions they receive through polling. These may be specific to a particular line or manufacturer, or they may be specifically geared toward types of beds. Look for independent, well known review sites to get the broadest picture. Message boards, social networks, medical newsletters and discussion groups, particularly those that include people who suffer from painful or chronic conditions, are additional places to find honest reviews.


Get Mattress Reviews from Friends & Family

Additional opinions may be found from friends and family members. If you know someone who has purchased a memory foam mattress within the last year, ask them if they are happy with the support it provides. Social sites including social media provides an excellent method for asking friends their opinions about which type of mattress they find the most comfortable.


When soliciting opinions from friends and family as to their experiences it is important to delve into the specifics. Find out which brand, size and the actual name of the mattress they have, as well as how long they have had it. Ask about chronic pain they may experience and whether it has helped with that. Do they feel as though the mattress has held up as expected or is it wearing out faster than they had hoped?  Can they offer additional mattress reviews, perhaps for a new set purchased for a child, parents or guest bedroom?


How to Read Mattress Reviews


Breaking down mattress reviews will help consumers decide which type of bed they would prefer. General overall satisfaction is based on several factors. These include:






*Noise (in spring mattresses)

*Whether the mattress is sagging.

*Whether the bed is or can be multi-zoned to provide comfortable support for more than *one person

*Motion transference

*Whether the person feels too hot or cold while sleeping on the surface.

*Value of the mattress for the expenditure.


As with any type of purchase, comparison shopping may yield an equal or better product for less money.  Purchasing a product where you will spend nearly 1/3rd of your day should not be rushed. When beginning your research, lay on a variety of mattresses in all levels of firmness and all types of construction for at least 20 minutes each. It best to do this when you begin your search, and not to feel pressured into buying immediately. Give yourself to time to research reviews and alternatives online.


With a multitude of available options, it can be difficult for consumers to find the best mattress for their needs without help. Honest mattress reviews are one of the best ways to find out what others have experienced with various products. While people leaving mattress reviews may not face the same concerns or problems you do, the ability to weed out poor construction or support is a real benefit.  Do as much research as you feel you need and remember to ask yourself, are you checking mattress reviews before you buy?