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The Development History Of Mattress Jul 11, 2017

1, 1881, in Houston, Texas, USA on the outskirts of a town, a man named Daniel Haynes Mr Cotton machine craftsmen began a cotton one mattress production.

2, 1900, the United States. Simmons, bagged spring mattress;

3, the early twentieth century, Dan just, rubber foam cushion;

4, 1932, the Italian, Mario berry, with polyethylene carbamate bubble to cushion;

5, when the second world war, Germany, Louis the koala, has devised a elliptic mattress, and according to the different parts of the body lying on the mattress body pressure, divided into three part of the soft, medium and hard, make human body skeleton keep the best state.

6, foreign also appeared a kind of active response to the spring system, change the traditional way of idiomatic spring structure form, make people more comfortable, elastic constant;Some spring-mattress also combined with polyester foam, soft hardness can follow person.

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