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What Are The Precautions When Buying A Mattress? Jul 11, 2017

Sleep is related to people's health, mattress quality directly affects people's sleep, the purchase of mattresses should pay attention to the following matters:

1. From the product logo to see the mattress good or bad

Genuine mattress, whether it is mat, spring cushion, or cotton mat, product logo has product name, registered trademarks, manufacturing company name, site, contact telephone, and some also have qualified certificates and credit cards. The majority of the mattresses sold on the market without a factory name, site and registered trademark are inferior in quality.

2. Judging mattress quality from fabric workmanship

High-quality mattress fabric cohesion is consistent, there is no obvious fold, no floating line, jumper, seam edge, the four corners of the arc symmetry, there is no dew phenomenon, dental floss straight. With the hand pressure mattress, the internal no friction, and feel crisp, comfortable. Poor mattress fabric is often quilted elastic inconsistent, there are floating line, jumper, seam edge, Four corners of the arc less symmetrical, dental floss is not straight.

3. From the internal material to see the Spring soft mattress pros and cons

Spring mattress with the number of springs and the size of wire diameter determines the spring mattress soft and hard. Manual pressure Spring Mattress surface, if the spring ring, it indicates that the spring has a quality problem. If the spring rust, inner liner material for the shabby sack or with industrial waste to open the Floc fiber products, then the spring soft mattress for inferior products.

4. Buy Cotton Mattress Beware of "black-hearted Cotton"

"Black-hearted Cotton" is a bad-quality wadding. "Black Heart Cotton" is not in line with the national health standards, often in the "black cotton" mattress on sleep, will cause damage to health.

Long-term sleep on the unsuitable mattress will affect the health of the spine, many people back pain is also because there is no choice for the mattress. Many consumers in the purchase of mattresses that the harder the better, or the softer the better. Some old consumers believe that the harder the mattress is to sleep, the more comfortable it is, while many brands in the market are pushing soft mattresses.

So, the more hard the mattress, the better, or the softer the better? The reporter asked the owner of a number of mattress stores, they all said that the mattress soft just consumers choose to buy mattresses need to pay attention to. The ideal mattress should be soft and hard, can perfectly support each part of your body, can according to the body curve and weight evenly support the body of each section, too soft or strong mattress will destroy the natural physiological curvature of the spine.