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Why Regular Beds Are Not Environmentally Friendly? Dec 05, 2017

Traditional mattresses are created using a wide range of chemicals and glues which are bad for both your health and the environment. Synthetic foam was created at a time when latex was requisitioned for war purposes. While synthetic foams are cheap and often more comfortable than an innerspring mattress, they use up natural non-renewable resources. In addition the chemicals used to create the foam are released into the environment via the air and water. The glues and chemicals in traditional mattresses leech contaminants into your home as well, and some have been linked with side effects ranging from respiratory discomfort and allergies to cancer and endocrine disruption.


Here are the top reasons traditional memory foam, synthetic latex, and innerspring mattresses are NOT environmentally friendly:



*Synthetic Fabrics

*Non-Recyclable, Non-Biodegradable

*Uses Non-Renewable Resources

*Manufacturing Pollutes Environment

*Chemicals Pollute Indoor Air Quality

*Long-Distance & Inefficient Shipping


What Makes an Eco-Friendly Mattress


While there is no specific definition of eco-friendly, most of use understand this to mean the product does not harm the environment or minimizes impact relative to an alternative product. When it comes to an eco-friendly mattress, you would want to look for the following traits:


*No VOCs

*Zero-Emissions Manufacturing

*Made of Renewable Resources

*Natural and Organic Materials

*Durable to Reduce Waste

*Efficient Shipping Methods


Currently, there are a few eco-friendly mattress options on the market: 100% natural latex, plant-based memory foam and improved inner springs. There are several differences between the types in terms of cost, longevity and price and we will examine these factors. The fabrics and other materials used in beds also have an impact, with naturally-derived textiles proving more desirable.